About the Film

"Mystery Stone” is a Set Apart Mountain Productions documentary film that features upcoming director and paleographer Dr. David Coatney as he translates a stone in the New Mexican desert that is mostly inscribed in an ancient Phoenician variant of Paleo-Hebrew (along with some minor Samaritan and Greek influences).  He also interviews experts in other fields of study such as genetics and cultural anthropology to discuss a wide range of theories (and recently discovered evidence) regarding other Pre-Columbian migrations to the “New World”. 

This documentary explores the possibilities of Pre-Columbian migration to the Americas by analyzing a number of areas in science and anthropology, including historical records and physical evidence discovered in both hemispheres.


​In addition to archaeological evidence, it also examines cultural characteristics as well as groundbreaking discoveries in the DNA of certain Native American tribes. "Mystery Stone" also addresses how racist sentiments in the 19th Century played a role in the history we're taught today.

Interviews for this documentary include prominent authors from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds. These authors include Dr. Donald Yates, Dr. Stephen Jett, Dr. Huston McCulloch, and Steven Collins. 

This film is completed and set to be released sometime in 2018, depending upon the distribution channels available and the outcome of the film festival circuit.